Angelina Ballerina (greenovalfruit) wrote in cross_my_heart,
Angelina Ballerina

Did someone say ficathon?

Oh hai... I remember this place...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, which some of you are aware of, your humble and loving mod has managed to forget about the International Day of Femslash until the very last minute.

So we're having a -


You heard right. We need to represent for femslash crossovers and we only have a short time to do it in. Less than a week, actually. My bad. But I know you guys are good under pressure.

Right, hard and fast rules :-

1. Comment on this post to leave prompts. Include a minimum of two separate fandoms to cross (check our No Cross list to be safe) and at least a one word/picture prompt. But the general format is 'pairing, fandom/fandom, prompt'.
2. Anything can be a prompt! A word, a phrase, a sentence, a quote, a song, a vid, a pic, a piece of fanart. Go nuts. Just make sure it's accessible.
3. You can use these prompts or any from previous ficathons, listed in the sidebar (IDoF '08 and Anti-Valentine's '09)
4. You can use your own prompts, and you CAN double up.
5. No need to claim - just take, create and post!

Due date: IDoF - July 18th

I'll get the prompting started. Look to the first comment if you want to see an example.

Everyone's had a nice four month break and a bunch of season finals to stir up a few crossover pairings so I know we can show the not-so-creative femslashers what we're made of. Besides, we have some people to cheer up! There's been a fair amount of heartbreak, pain and penury for our favourite ladies of late. Make it all better with a satisfying crossover (you can tell I haven't done this in a while, my pep talk skillz are rusty - ignore that and go with the spirit! Pls, o pls!)


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